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Soleil....your reference when it comes to driving courses .... Since 1979



Before taxes:$ 834.96

TPS (5%) : 41.75

TVQ (9.975%): : 83.29

Total: $ 960.00

- You want to learn on a Manual Vehicle? We are one of the only driving schools in Quebec to offer classes on Manual and Automatic vehicles

- Pass your SAAQ test with the car you learned with. Choose your car for the final test (valid at Langelier SAAQ and Henri-Bourassa SAAQ)

- You want extra classes, no problem we can help you

​Payment methods accepted:Type

debit, cash, inernet transfer and personal check

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​The course is payable in 6 équal installments of $160.00 spread over a period of 13 months:

​Inscription, Module 5, In-car 4, In-car 7, In-car 10, In-car 11

12 Theory classes = 24 hours

The program aims  to prepare candidates to pass the driver's license test, and to train a new generation of drivers, who will be better citizens of the road, more mindful of the duties and obligations that go with all collective life. The program is for all new drivers, regardless of age from 16 years old.

Do like thousands of new drivers before you. Learn from one of the oldest driving school in Quebec still in operation since 1979 with a high success rate at the SAAQ evaluations. 


Quality driving lessons in a safe environment

Qualified and experienced teachers

Special attention to nervous people

Recent cars inspected by the SAAQ and meeting safety standards

Driving course enriched and recognized by the SAAQ

Phase 1, which is prior to obtaining a learner's license and which includes modules 1 to 5 (minimum duration 28 days)

Phase 2, which includes modules 6 and 7, and during which the learner makes his first outings on the road in guided driving (minimum duration 28 days) 

Phase 3, which includes modules 8 to 10, and during which the learner goes on road trips in semi-guided driving (minimum duration 56 days) 

Phase 4, which includes modules 11 and 12, and during which the learner goes on road trips in increasingly autonomous driving (minimum duration 56 days)

Sign up on your birthday and get your book for free (value $55.00)

​15 In-Cars = 15 hours